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10 Of The Wildest Tree House Locations

Brazil - 10 Of The Wildest Tree House Locations

Let’s face it, living in a tree house is a dream most of us have when we’re kids. And sometimes, those kids grow up without forgetting about their dreams. This world is big with many amazing places to build your dream tree house.

Here are 10 of the Wildest Tree House Locations

When it comes to wild locations for tree houses, you may or may not think of Argentina, after all it has beautiful places. Especially the mountains. If you wanted to build a tree house, where would you look? Argentina has lots of places to build tree houses. But you’d want a place that’s totally amazing! Why not try to build one over the seven summits, like Aconcagua.
Argentina - 10 Of The Wildest Tree House Locations

The United States of America. A land where there’s more wonders, even over any other places in the world. Probably the best places to build awesome tree houses would be California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Montana and Maryland. Any state with outstanding scenery would do. But California is in mind because of their forest types. Great oak trees would give you a view like no other. Just think of it.
USA - 10 Of The Wildest Tree House Locations

Why Mexico…the question should be, why not? This country is not just desert, it has everything you’d want. Citlaltépetl would be one wild location. You could build one there that overlooks a volcano. And there’s the Yucatán. Here you have a historical region where the transition from the Cretaceous to the Paleogene was made famous. If you are bold enough, build a tree house near a cenote.
Mexico - 10 Of The Wildest Tree House Locations

If you ever get a chance to visit Japan, you won’t be disappointed. Should you be looking for one heck of a location to build a tree house, try the Kyoto Prefecture. If you’re not familiar with these areas, all you need to know is, these places are beautiful. Kyoto is known for its lush gardens, historical importance, and civil livelihood. It’s where you’d want several tree houses to say the least.
Japan - 10 Of The Wildest Tree House Locations

This country is a world of amazement. China has some of the most splendorous scenery around. One might think this is a crowed nation and you won’t be able to find a truly wild tree house spot. But you’d be wrong. Tibet (or Xizang), would be a place where you could build one such tree house. Of course if you can handle the high mountains. Don’t let that upset you any… It would be worth the astonishment, believe us.
China - 10 Of The Wildest Tree House Locations

There’s a lot of places to visit in this country but if you want a tree house location that’ll knock your shoes off, try Rio de Janeiro. This part of the world has been a mecca for movies alone. If you don’t know, this oasis is surrounded by a tropical nirvana. To be frank, any location would be a nice pick.
Brazil - 10 Of The Wildest Tree House Locations

This is one country that borderlines extreme cold and extravagant places. Yes it is cold in Canada, but really does that matter? Building a tree house is one thing, however if you do in fact have the money, why not build one near a wild location. Mountain areas for these types of things scream wild and crazy, it’s the scenery and where you are what makes it grand. Large areas we have in mind, the Canadian Rockies.
Canada - 10 Of The Wildest Tree House Locations

People might not think that Africa’s a place where you can build a tree house. Well actually you can. You may not want to build one over a remote location due to the fact of possible wildlife like lions and such, but there are places that are wild too, just less dangerous. Algeria would make for a great place. With mountains, rivers, and tradition – you’d have quite the view.
Africa - 10 Of The Wildest Tree House Locations

This country is considered to be one of the most dangerous places to live. As such, why not build a tree house here. When it comes to tree houses, you want the best spot possible. How ‘bout the Northern Territory? This territory comes with all sorts of views. Keep in mind Australia isn’t just boring desert, it’s a place of wonder and where you can build one great tree house.
Australia - 10 Of The Wildest Tree House Locations

Do they have tree houses in France? Yes they do! Well…they have pretty nice tree houses you can rent. Le Grand Ballon would be an awesome place to build a tree house. The scenery and history makes it one remote place to construct a tree house. Sometimes the Tour de France is held there as well, making it an even better place to have a tree house around.
France - 10 Of The Wildest Tree House Locations

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