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7 Islands You Wouldn’t Mind Being Stuck On

4. Mnemba Island, Tanzania - 7 Islands You Wouldn’t Mind Being Stuck On

When someone mentions being stuck on an island you probably think the worst. The word ‘marooned’ probably comes to mind and you wonder how on Earth you’d escape.

But why do you need to escape, I ask?

Why not just sit back and relax, enjoy the ocean breeze and the taste of the tropical island fruit?

That said, here are seven islands you wouldn’t mind being stuck on…

1. The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Filled with species often found no where else on Earth and famous for the work Charles Darwin did there at the beginning of his career, the Galapagos Islands are as breathtaking as they are isolated.

Located in the Pacific Ocean and spread over both sides of the equator, they’re populated with incredible animals, lush greenery, and are surrounded by crystal blue waters.
1. The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador - 7 Islands You Wouldn’t Mind Being Stuck On

2. Seychelles
The Seychelles is a country consisting of around 100 small islands which stretch for around 1000km. Each island is completely picturesque with high mountain peaks, divine sandy beaches and crystal waters.

While the largest three islands are popular tourist spots the others are all incredibly quiet, making them the perfect retreat if you’re looking for a little peace while soaking up the sun.
2. Seychelles - 7 Islands You Wouldn’t Mind Being Stuck On

3. Koh Samui island, Thailand
While Koh Samui is only Thailand’s second largest island, it’s by far the most beautiful. It’s filled with lush coconut trees, plenty of natural resources, and is surrounded by pristine white beaches, aqua waters, and mesmerising coral reefs.

It’s truly picturesque and is the perfect place for relaxing, soaking up the sun and enjoying the magnificence of Thailand.
3. Koh Samui island, Thailand - 7 Islands You Wouldn’t Mind Being Stuck On

4. Mnemba Island, Tanzania
Home to the Zanzibar suni antelope and countless mesmerising butterflies, Mnemba Island, while small, is nothing short of paradise. From the sandy beaches you can watch as dolphins and whales swim free and, if you’re a thrill seeker, the island even offers you the opportunity to swim with whale sharks, the world’s largest fish, and is one of the only places in the world where you can do so.

Mnemba Island is also one of the few places in the world where the endangered green turtles still live in the wild.
4. Mnemba Island, Tanzania - 7 Islands You Wouldn’t Mind Being Stuck On

5. Tahiti, French Polynesia
While offering picturesque views of thick forests and breathtaking waterfalls, Tahiti may well be the perfect relaxation destination. If you’re looking for true comfort and sheer bliss then you can stay in one of the island’s many overwater bungalows which are situated above the crystal blue waters of the South Pacific.

Many of the bungalow’s floors are made of glass so you can watch as the tropical fish swim beneath your feet.
5. Tahiti, French Polynesia - 7 Islands You Wouldn’t Mind Being Stuck On

6. Madagascar
Set amidst the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is the fourth-largest island in the world and is a biodiversity hotspot. It’s a haven for nature lovers seeing as it hosts many species of plants and animals which can’t be found anywhere else on Earth.

In addition to it’s sprawling green forests and a vast range of wildlife, Madagascar has near pearly white beaches which offer the perfect setting for watching as the sun sets into the aqua waters.
6. Madagascar - 7 Islands You Wouldn’t Mind Being Stuck On

7. Easter Island, Chile
Famous for its 887 majestic Moai statues, Easter Island is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world. It’s populated with extinct volcanoes which are covered with a thin layer of vegetation and is surrounded by nothing but ocean for a staggering 1,289 miles.

While it’s not you’re typical tropical island, if you’re a history lover, simply enjoy hiking, are fascinated by the mystery of the Moai statues, or find solace in being alone then Easter Island may just be your perfect getaway.
7. Easter Island, Chile - 7 Islands You Wouldn’t Mind Being Stuck On

Question of the Day: What island do you want to be stuck on?

Let us know in the comments below!

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