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6 of the Worlds Most Majestic Rivers

Around the world there are thousands of rivers. While some of them only small and run out after only a few miles, some of them are so large they run across several countries and continents on a scale that’s difficult to comprehend.

All rivers are beautiful in one way or another, be it for the colour and clarity of their water or the wondrous sights they run by, but here are six of the worlds most majestic rivers.

1. Río Futaleufú, Chile And Argentina
The Río Futaleufú river is perhaps one of the most majestic rivers when it comes to colour. The river, which runs through Chile and Argentina, is fed by glacial run off water which gives it an unparalleled aqua blue colour. The bright water colour is a direct comparison to the rocky grey hills and lush green forests which the Río Futaleufú, ever adding to the beauty. Despite the river being incredibly cold, it’s a popular lure for kayakers and whitewater rafters alike.
1. Río Futaleufú, Chile And Argentina - 6 of the Worlds Most Majestic Rivers

2. Yangtze River, China
The Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia which winds through a striking array of barren rocky slopes, mountains, forests and breathtaking countryside. While the Yangtze River looks beautiful from any angle, it’s best viewed by boat as when you cruise down its waters you’ll be able to lay eyes on some of the most rural and isolated settlements in China, some of which are near inaccessible by any way other than boat.
2. Yangtze River, China - 6 of the Worlds Most Majestic Rivers

3. The Amazon, South America
The Amazon river begins in Brazil before making its way through Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela before letting out into the Atlantic Ocean. This grand river is 2.7 million square miles in volume, 4,000 miles long and 202 miles wide at it’s mouth, making it the largest, longest and widest river in the world. It weaves through some incredible parts of South America meaning you could stand on its banks at most any point and see nothing but beauty before you.
3. The Amazon, South America - 6 of the Worlds Most Majestic Rivers

4. Caño Cristales, South America
Beginning up in the Andean foothills of the Amazon rainforest, Columbia, Caño Cristales is literally the ‘river that ran away from paradise’. It’s often regarded as the most beautiful river in the world, however this tittle can only be claimed seasonally when for a brief time it comes alive which colourful bottom-feeding algae. From late October to early November each year and when the later level is just right, vibrant patches of greens, blues, yellows, red and oranges brighten the water, making the Caño Cristales river look nothing short of a rainbow.
4. Caño Cristales, South America - 6 of the Worlds Most Majestic Rivers

5. Zambezi, Africa
The Zambezi river is the forth longest river in Africa which runs a total of 2,200 miles from the northwest of Zambia through Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique before it finally merges into the Indian Ocean. As well as being beautiful in it’s own right, the Zambezi river is also home the one of the largest and arguably the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, Victoria Falls. The waterfalls grand height and width produces such a great crash when it pours over the mountainside it is known locals as ‘the smoke that thunders’, something which adds ever more beauty to this majestic river.
5. Zambezi, Africa - 6 of the Worlds Most Majestic Rivers

6. Danube River, Europe
Second to the Volga, the Danube River is one of the longest rivers in Europe and stretches a grand 1,770 miles. It runs through nine European countries and some of the most beautiful cities in the world before finally emptying into the Black Sea. As the river was once vital for settlement purposes, along its banks you’ll find plenty of castles and fortresses which once lined the borders of many great empires.
6. Danube River, Europe - 6 of the Worlds Most Majestic Rivers

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