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7 Amazing Views That Make You Stop and Appreciate Life

Whether it’s civilization or serene nature, there’s nothing like stopping to enjoy the view. From Hong Kong’s famous Victoria Peak viewpoint to the amazing temples of Bagan in Myanmar, we searched the entire world for seven views that will make you stop, think, and appreciate life.

1. Grand Canyon, Arizona

1. Grand Canyon, Arizona
Whether you choose to view it from the glass-bottomed skywalk or the numerous great walking trails in Grand Canyon National Park, there’s no denying the Grand Canyon is an incredible sight.

At over 277 miles in length and as much as 18 miles wide, the Grand Canyon puts other river valleys to shame. It also offers some of the most spectacular views that travelers can enjoy of anywhere in the world.

No skyscrapers, no commercialization, no civilization whatsoever – the view from the edge of the Grand Canyon is truly nature at its finest. Bring your camera – and some binoculars – to capture this view as it’s meant to be seen.

What makes it amazing: Beautiful nature stretching for hundreds of miles into the distance. Nowhere else in North America can you feel so isolated and in touch with nature.

How to get there: The Grand Canyon is easy to access. Board one of the many tours departing Phoenix or Las Vegas, or drive there yourself for a more exciting (and less crowded) adventure.

2. Milford Sound, New Zealand
2. Milford Sound, New Zealand - 7 Amazing Views That Make You Stop and Appreciate Life
Visit Milford Sound as the sun rises and you’ll feel like you stepped right into Middle Earth. This incredible fjord is located on the southwest coast of New Zealand’s South Island – a region known for some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.

Four hours from civilization, getting to Milford Sound is a journey in itself. Visitors need to travel through the ultra-isolated Homer Tunnel and pass some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in New Zealand.

Get the best experience by arriving early and boarding one of the tour boats before other visitors get there. There’s nothing quite like seeing the sunrise illuminated on the deep, perfectly blue water.

What makes it amazing: Completely isolated in one of the most sparsely populated places in the world, there’s no feeling quite like watching the sun rise over Milford Sound early in the morning.

How to get there: Milford Sound is located four hours drive from Queenstown – a resort town in New Zealand’s South Island. Either drive there by yourself or board one of the many tour buses that travel to the coast.

3. Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
3. Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong - 7 Amazing Views That Make You Stop and Appreciate Life
Massive skyscrapers, amazing junks and cruise ships, and some of the world’s most imposing inner-city mountains make the view from Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak one to savor.

While it’s not naturally beautiful, the amazing cityscape is one of the world’s most imposing sights. Manhattan has more history and Chicago might be an architect’s dream, but nothing beats Hong Kong Island when it comes to sheer amazement.

Don’t like climbing mountains? Visit the Ritz Carlton Hotel on the other side of the harbor and enjoy the view from the 118th floor bar. Whichever angle you choose, a view of Hong Kong at night is sure to blow your mind.

What makes it amazing: Mile after mile of incredible skyscrapers. Hong Kong may not be a beautiful city like Paris or Rome, but it’s hard to deny it doesn’t blow your mind at night with its incredible light shows and 100-floor skyscrapers.

How to get there: Easy. Board the Peak Tram and walk to The Peak platform, walk up the mountain from Central, or take a taxi. Once you get there, avoid the crowds at the Peak Galleria and walk down Lugard Road for an even more spectacular view.

4. Bagan, Myanmar
4. Bagan, Myanmar - 7 Amazing Views That Make You Stop and Appreciate Life
From the 11th to 13th centuries, the Kingdom of Pagan constructed more than 10,000 amazing Buddhist temples. Today, only 2,200 survive, but they are every bit as great as they were during the Kingdom’s peak.

Unlike the other amazing views in this list, most of which are easy to access, Bagan is one of the world’s few amazing sights that’s rarely crowded. Due to the military junta in Myanmar, access to the temples was long forbidden to tourists.

Today, this incredible site is attracting hundreds of thousands of adventurous new visitors to Myanmar every year and kick starting the country’s tourism industry. Get there are dawn for the most spectacular historical view you’ll see in your life.

Why it’s amazing: 1,000 years ago, the Pagan Empire ruled over Burma. Today, it’s been replaced with a brutal military regime. Visit the ancient city to see what life in this amazing part of the world used to be like for millions of people.

How to get there: Bagan isn’t as difficult to access as it once was. Visitors can fly in from Bangkok or Yangon, or travel by rail on Myanmar Railways. Overnight buses to the ancient city also depart from Mandalay and Yangon.

5. Tianmen Mountain, China
5. Tianmen Mountain, China - 7 Amazing Views That Make You Stop and Appreciate Life
Amazing views and one of the world’s scariest walkways make Tianmen Mountain a must-see attraction for any visitors to China’s Hunan Province. With a temple on its peak, the mountain is a favorite walking destination for tourists and locals alike.

Feel adventurous? Instead of traveling up the mountain using the cable car, walk up the 200-foot see-through skywalk and look down on incredible mountain scenery. A trip on the heart-pumping skywalk is essential… unless you have a fear of heights.

What makes it amazing: Tianmen Mountain has a lot to offer, from its incredible natural archway to the spectacular views. The see-through skywalk and terrifying walkway is just the icing on the cake.

How to get there: Tianmen Mountain is located within Tianmen Mountain National Park in China’s Human Province. Visitors can access the mountain on a chairlift, the scary skywalk, or a 4.3-mile road for visitors without the energy (or the nerves) to walk.

6. Torres del Paine, Chile
6. Torres del Paine, Chile - 7 Amazing Views That Make You Stop and Appreciate Life
In the isolated region of Magallanes in southern Chile, you’ll find one of the world’s most incredible mountain ranges. Torres del Paine National Park is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in all of South American, including this fantastic vista.

Almost everywhere in Torres del Paine National Park is mind-blowingly beautiful, but our favorite sites are the French Valley and the view of Cuernos del Paine from the shore of Lake Pehoe.

What makes it amazing: Almost anywhere in Patagonia is amazing, but the Torres del Paine National Park is the best of the best. From mountain ranges to glaciers, it’s the best destination in South America for incredible temperate scenery.

How to get there: Torres del Paine National Park is about two hours from Puerto Natales, and is easy to reach via tour bus. Transportation is available in the park, although adventurous visitors will want to do plenty of walking.

7. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
7. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore - 7 Amazing Views That Make You Stop and Appreciate Life
It’s one of the world’s most luxurious hotels, an award-winning casino, and a truly spectacular city view all in one. Marina Bay Sands is one of Singapore’s most well-known hotels, and once you’ve seen the pool you’ll know exactly why.

With an infinity pool that stretches across the rooftops of three separate towers, the view from atop this hotel is truly stunning. Sit back in one of the loungers with your favorite cocktail or swim right up to the edge for the ultimate in urban views.

What makes it amazing: Singapore’s skyline might not be as impressive as Hong Kong’s or Manhattan’s, but it’s tough to beat with a mojito in your hand and a huge infinity pool to relax in.

How to get there: Singapore’s public transportation is excellent, so getting to the hotel isn’t difficult. Exit the MRT at Bayfront Station. Visitors can access the rooftop sky park for a fee, but the swimming pool is for guests only.

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