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4 Reasons to Spend Money On Experiences, Not Possessions

4 Reasons to Spend Money On Experiences, Not Possessions

They always say that money can’t buy happiness. That is true to a point, but money can make you happy in different ways. We live in a world where we constantly seek out instant gratification. We always have to have the latest and greatest technology out there, even though we are completely satisfied with what we have.

Satisfaction, however, will only last so long before we have to seek out other means of making us happy. Whether it is buying the newest phone or the greatest television, we will definitely be happy, but that happiness will wear off eventually.

Experiences have somewhat of an opposite effect. If you plan a big vacation, it may seem like a financial burden at first, but once you experience the new place, it seems well worth the money. You won’t talk about your new phone purchase five years from now, but you will definitely be talking about a great experience that you had.

1. Nature can be the best experience
It’s not always necessary to spend a lot of money to get a good experience. With the busy life that you lead, take a break sometime and go sit in the park or near a body of water. Try not to think about anything and just observe nature and your surroundings. You never know what you could see that could change your perspective on life.

2. You will talk about trips for years to come
Whether you go on a vacation with just your significant other or your family members, you will always talk about your experiences. You could spend a thousand dollars on a new TV that you will enjoy for a few years until it gets outdated, or you could spend that money traveling to a new destination and experiencing new things. Chances are that you will be more fulfilled when you get a new perspective on a different city, state or country that will have you talking about it for years to come.

3. Money isn’t such a burden when you are happy
Talking about a trip that you made in the past just naturally makes you happy. You can’t say that about any possessions that you purchased. When you experience a new place or new environment, you will likely find yourself saying, “This was worth it!” It’s hard to say that about the newest gadget that you bought, even if it did change your life at the time.

4. Experiences are meaningful to you
Let’s face it; money can be tough to come across nowadays. It seems like we are all trying to save enough money just to be able to survive when we can retire. Yet, almost all of us take some sort of big vacation once every few year. The reason why is because they actually mean something important to you. Whether it’s just a getaway for a weekend or a weeklong trip with your family, it’s moments like that which you cherish. Those experiences are what make the money seem meaningless.

If you are truly looking to live a more fulfilling live and create memories, experience new things rather than buy new things. You may find that you are happier even when you spend less money. Take some time to create your own experiences to see what makes you truly happy. You may be surprised to find out that money doesn’t buy your happiness, and that all you need is to experience new things in order to get the gratification you need to be happy.

Source: I Heart Intelligence
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