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Amazing Bridges Built Just For Animals

Amazing Bridges Built Just For Animals

Every single day, over one million animals are run over and killed by cars on US roadways. These animals are just trying to get from one side of the road to the other, an increasing challenge with the constant addition of new roads.

There have always been natural barriers that keep populations of animals isolated, such as a large body of water. Modern day animals must also contend with the unnatural barriers erected by man, like roads and tall fences.

Some highways have found ways to keep wildlife from crossing the road, while this might decrease road kill it presents another issue. Many factors threaten a population when they are isolated to a particular area, such as lack of genetic diversity. Also the risk for disease and famine increases. In other words, if any specie wants to survive it will eventually have to find a way to the other side.

Amazing Bridges Built Just For Animals

Amazing Bridges Built Just For Animals

This is why wildlife bridges and tunnels are so important, and we owe it to the animals. The deer, geese, birds and rabbits all called this land home long before we complicated their lives with deadly roads. Building animal friendly bridges is the right thing to do, but it’s far from easy. Turns out, different animals have unique tastes when it comes to bridges.

For the love of animals, there are some people hard at work trying to find the best solutions to make roadways everywhere safer for wildlife. It isn’t an easy task, but doing so could save entire species from extinction. As well as save a few people the heartache of hitting and killing a cute and innocent animal.

Start driving a little more carefully out on the road, and always lookout for those low flying birds and sweet little squirrels we share our beautiful planet with.

Source: Mario Hagen - Shutterstock - MinuteEarth - Valhalla Via Earth Porn
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