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Fairytale Magic: Costa Rica’s Rio Celeste River

Celeste River is a river in Tenorio Volcano National Park of Costa Rica. It is notable for its distinctive turquoise coloration, a phenomenon caused by a chemical reaction between sulfur and calcium carbonate. The Celeste River also borders several hot springs and has one large waterfall. It takes about an hour to hike to the waterfall from the park's entrance. Named for its celestial-blue waters, the river is the main attraction of Guanacaste’s Tenorio Volcano National Park.

What to See

Fairytale Magic: Costa Rica’s Rio Celeste River

The Río Celeste is one of Costa Rica’s most spectacular rivers. Located in the northern reaches of the country, this river’s light blue color – the result of sulphur and calcium carbonate mixing – has attracted the attention of locals and foreigners alike, earning it a unique place in Costa Rica’s already diverse set of natural wonders.

Fairytale Magic, Costa Rica’s Rio Celeste River

In addition to the colorful attraction of the water, the river also has several thermal hot springs and a large waterfall. Dips into the pool at the base of the fall are popular, as are soaks in the hot springs; still, one needs to be wary of the hot water and boiling mud pots, and use caution while exploring the banks of the river. Swimmers love these warm pockets, which are the only place in the park where swimming is allowed. Be sure not to miss the hot springs.

Fairytale Magic: Costa Rica’s Rio Celeste River

The first thing that visitors will see on a hike near Rio Celeste is the stream's well-known waterfall, a majestic cascade located close to the beginning of the trail. The waterfall can be seen from the top of the path, but visitors hoping for a better view can go down a steep trail that leads to the base of the attraction. From the bottom, tourists can watch as the sky-blue waters crash down around them into a brightly colored pool.

Fairytale Magic: Costa Rica’s Rio Celeste River

All of Rio Celeste's most popular attractions can be seen from a single trail, the entrance to which lies near the small town of El Pilon. The path runs for approximately two miles, and its relatively short distance ensures that even travelers who are not in peak physical condition can enjoy the river's beauty.


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