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7 Things You Need To Remind Yourself When You Travel On Your Own

7 Things You Need To Remind Yourself When You Travel On Your Own
Anna Sherchand

Travelling on your own can change a lot about how you see the world and other people. Most of us would rather travel with their friends, partner or family. However, there are lots of solo travellers. If you like to become one of them, don't be scared. Travelling solo can be helpful. Nevertheless, you have to remember seven important things:

1. You need to become more independent.

Solo travelling is a habit of independent people. If you are too afraid to do things on your own, then maybe this isn't something you should try.

If you do desire to try it, then remember that this experience will make you more independent, one way or another.

You will need to learn how to drive your way through foreign means of transportation. You will need to get to find your way in big roads, where people might not speak your language. You will need to learn that this can be scary but it's also fun, and it's you who will choose the perspective.

Sometimes, you will need to find solutions to issues you will face. Imagine, what would you do if someone stole your wallet or if you lost your ID? You need to be prepared for such situations and know how to deal with them by yourself.

Exploring on your own is amazing, but it can be tiring and adventurous. If you're ready for that, then go ahead and get the chance!

2. You will become more sociable.

If you ever had trust issues or were too shy, then now's the time to change that! Travelling on your own requires that you are willing to communicate with foreign people, make new friends and appreciate that people from other countries are different and have their own habits.

Of course, you should be careful and not trust anyone. But you should also give people the opportunity to talk to you and share their experiences. There's nothing better than learning things about other cultures and talking about yours.

Having friends from places from all over the world can make you a better person and, also, give you the chance to travel again.

Accept other people's help and kindness and offer yours. Be honest and communicative. You won't regret making new friends, that's for sure.

3. You will feel alone sometimes.

Don’t think that by moving away from home on your own you are somehow going to condemn yourself to a six-month trip of solitude and loneliness. By going backpacking anywhere around the world, you are going to meet like-minded people who are excited in travelling as much as you and who have gone travelling solo too. You get to meet people who actively want to do the things you do rather than having to convince friends into an experience they might not enjoy or be ready for.

However, there will be moments of solitude. Then, a great book, a magazine or even postcards to write or your travel journal to note in – are entirely legitimate activities at a bar or restaurant if you get to feeling a little bored, lonely or exposed, so take one of them with you for all occasions. And as a last resort, your smartphone is always there.

4. You will feel free.

If you unusually spend important time alone, you may be amazed at how pleasant it can be. When was the last time you actually listened to only your thoughts and satisfied only your dreams? Regardless the destination, a solo trip can be an inner-directed, powerful, life-changing experience.

Imagine sitting on a peaceful beach at sunset or taking an invigorating morning hike without having to make a conversation with anyone. That's real freedom!

5. You will learn how to love yourself.

As mentioned before, solo travelling will make you stronger and more independent. You will finally realize that you're capable for more than you had ever imagined. You will now understand that you have your own story to tell.

You will also appreciate spending time on your own while being in the most beautiful parts of the world. You'll realize that happiness comes from our inner self and not from the others. Other people can make our life even better sometimes, but it's us, ourselves, that can indeed make us happy.

Find your inner peace by travelling alone, and you will love yourself even more.

6. You will learn new skills.

One of the best ways to have yourself entertained on your travels is to try and learn new things. I’m talking about cooking classes, painting classes, language classes… anything that allows you to learn a new skill.

Additionally, the more you travel alone, the more likely you are to feel like you can take any challenge with aplomb. Transit strike in France? No sweat. Stuck overnight at O’Hare? You can deal with that. No English menu at a Bangkok restaurant? Not a problem. Of course, the further confident you feel when travelling alone, the more confident you’ll feel at home. Whenever one of those life’s small challenges emerge, you can just remind yourself of all that you have managed on your own all over the world—it’ll put your problems in perspective.

7. You will remember this experience forever.

Exploring the world all by yourself, enjoying an amazing sunrise while looking at the Pacific, walking in the Sahara's desert, climbing Switzerland's mountains are only some of the amazing experiences you can get by travelling on your own.

Travelling solo requires free spirit, passion for authentic connection and hope that happiness is on the way. The experience of travelling solo will be exciting, adventurous, sometimes scary. All of these will make it unforgettable.


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