Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It’s The Happiest Beach In The World… The Footage Made My Stress Melt Away.

It’s The Happiest Beach In The World… The Footage Made My Stress Melt Away.

We often attach joy to material possessions. Even though we have so much, we are always looking for the latest upgrade. And when we finally do get that upgrade, we find that it is not enough to keep us happy. And so, we work our tails off for the next temporary fix.

Evah, Choir Director for the African Children's Choir (ACC), believes that you can be happy if you invest in happiness. You invest in happiness by appreciating what you already have.

This simple message is portrayed perfectly by the African Children's Choir whose members are between the ages of 7 and 10 years old. Many of them have lost one or both parents to war, famine, or disease. Many of them have but one meal to eat per day. And yet, they radiate with the brightest smiles.

The first African Children's Choir dates back to 1984 and was made up of orphans and other vulnerable children in Uganda. Audiences responded positively to their vibrant song and dance performances, and the funds earned through donations helped pay for everyday necessities, education, and more.

One current member, Natasha, said, "I think it is the best thing to make other people smile."

"I feel very lucky," said Tracy, another member.

Watch their performance captured by A Million Smiles below.

Abraham, the choir's tour manager, says that we first derive happiness by looking at what we have, and then we derive happiness by looking at what we give.

Source: African Children's Choir (ACC) - A Million Smiles Via Life Buzz
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